Player Representation

Meet our clients!


Filip Mardal


Filip is a rapid attacker who can play on the wing or in the center of attack. His quick pace and finishing, alongside his understanding of the game, make him a key instrument on any side.

Filip Mardal

Kristófer Snær Jóhannsson Ward


Kristófer is an attacker who despite his young age is breaking into the first team squad of Njardvik who will be playing in the second highest level of Icelandic football. On the ball Kristófer is excellent - quick touches, good agility and brilliant movement, but he also knows how to find the back of the net. Off the ball Kristófer covers a lot of ground, which makes him a good player during high-pressing and defensive tasks.

George Gibson

Gjøvik Lyn

He has already played 2 games and has scored 3 goals for Gjøvik Lyn, who are looking to prove themselves in the league and in the cup.


Adrian Sandbukt


Adrian is a central midfielder who, with his passing qualities, dictates the game and sets the pace. Despite his young age, he has been regular for Tromsdalen and racked up several appearances for the club. Adrian is an excellent player with loads of potential.

Adrian Sandbukt

Tareq Shihab


Tareq is a playmaker who thrives in the centre of the field. His awareness, vision and tactical understanding allows him to read and understand the game well. When Tareq is on the field he also displays technical excellence and composure on the ball. Tareq has a very impressive CV, he has featured for England as a youth international and played his way up to the u23s at Brighton.

Tareq Shihab

Jon Vignir Pétursson

UMF Selfoss

Jón is a powerful and creative midfielder. His wide range of passing makes him instrumental in the build up, as well as on the counter or in attack. Despite only being 18, Jón has been able to rack up many senior appearances, and has over time played a pivotal role in the centre of the field for Selfoss. In addition, Jón has featured as a Icelandic youth international.

Daniel Skare


Daniel thrives behind the striker as a number 10 with his mature decision making and flair. It’s definitely worth mentioning that he is a versatile player who can play several positions on the field, this is mainly due to his good tactical understanding and reading of the game. Off the ball his pace and overall physicality makes him an excellent player when pressing the opposition. Working with Daniel has been a pleasure, as he is a committed professional with loads of enthusiasm and ambition.

Erik Muhle

Eik Tønsberg

Erik is a versatile midfielder with a lot of technical prowess and understanding of the game. At only 19 years old Erik has had good experiences against top tier clubs Sandefjord and Strømsgodset in the Norwegian cup. Definitely one to watch over the next years!

Defenders & Goalkeepers

Andreas Arnesen


Andreas is a dynamic defender who plays as a full-back. His drive up and down the field is rarely matched, and his defensive discipline is of a high caliber despite his young age. His link-up play and understanding of the game allow him to be in key positions going forward and at the back. Going forward, Andreas can be a threat in attack with a good shot and pin-point accurate crossing

Andreas Arnesen

Bendik Kristiansen


Bendik is a left-footed central defender who can also play as a full-back. Professionalism is one of the keywords that spring to mind when describing Bendik as an athlete. His willingness to learn and his work ethic has proven their worth by allowing Bendik to make his debut in the Norwegian top league at the age of 19 years old.

bendik Kristiansen

Lars Marelius Arnesen

FK Eik Tønsberg

Lars is a defender for the traditional club Eik Tønsberg. He is an authoritativ defender with great physical capabilities. He can be decisive in defence with his tackling and areal duels, and do damage in the oppositions box with an emphatic header. A great all round defender with a modern touch. Also worth mentioning is his terrific professionalism.

Lars Marelius Arnesen

Eirik Brennhaugen


Eirik is a highly disciplined left footed centre back with loads of capabilities, most notable are his defensive attributes and leadership ability. This is a player who likes to lead by example, and create the best environment for himself and his teammates to develop. On the ball Eirik is composed and confident, and off the ball he is sports great awareness and defensive discipline.

Romulo Bosqueiro

B71 Sandoy

Romulo is strong defensively, great on the ball and conducts himself with great composure. It’s no secret that he has that Brazilian flair integrated to his playing style as well. In addition, he brings undeniable dedication and professionalism to the team - raising the bar, and setting a high standard.

Joshua Debayo

Alloa FC

Joshua Debayo is a tall ball playing defender who can play both centre back and left back. Josh's wide range of passing makes him a key player in the buildup from the back, or moving forward. Josh’s physicality is both fast and strong, and dedicates a lot of time to maintain and develop his physically. We believe that Josh has a lot to offer with his vast experience, but also his outstanding dedication to the sport.

Erlend Henriksen


Erlend is a goalkeeper who is currently playing for Levanger. He has very good shot-stopping qualities and reflexes. He has good leadership qualities and provides a lot professionalism to the squad. His communication and decisiveness makes him a reliable goalkeeper between the sticks.

Erlend Henriksen

Pedro Moreno


Pedro is currently playing for the ambitious side Bergsøy. Pedro has a vast amount of experience to add to the team and has qualities that has allowed him to play against top teams, most famously against Real Madrid in the cup in 2018. His key attributes is his distribution, reflexes and handling. Also a terrific penalty stopper.

Pedro Moreno

Fredrik Høili


Fredrik is a hard working player with excellent grit and determination to make his way to the top. He conducts himself in a very professional manner, sporting good abilities both on and off the ball. Technically, tactically and physically he’s at a good level - with loads of potential for further development.

Jacob Tuft

Mansfield Town

As an athlete Jacob is very committed to the sport, displaying professionalism and quality in his work, both on and off the pitch. Jacob is a good shot stopper, and has excellent distribution. Onwards and upwards we go!