Personal data is any information that is directly or indirectly tied to you. Examples of personal data are your name, IP-address, phone number or e-mail address. Handling of personal data encompasses everything from collection, analysis and storage.

The Datacontroller is whoever determines the purpose of the collected data, and what is used. As data controller Fraser Sport Management is responsible for ensuring that all data is handled according to all relevant legislation. Fraser Sport Management is based in Norway in is therefore subject to Norwegian regulations (“Personopplysningsloven”) as well as EU-regulations through the EEA agreement. All our data handling is in accordance with the General  Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)[2018].

When you answer a forum or order a service the following information might be logged:
      - Name
      - E-mail address     
      - Phone number
      - Workplace
      - Forum answers
      - IP-address and user activity
      - Operative system and web browser
      - Referring domain and outgoingtraffic

About Cookies
An information Cookie is a small text file that contains information our site can send to your web browser. The information is stored on your device as an anonymous mark that identifies the device. It contains information about activity on our site which helps us serve more effective ads.

You can retract your consent to Cookies or edit your choices at any time. Should you choose to opt out we will delete all stored information linked to you. Mark that this may affect your user experience.When you consent to the collection of user data you also consent that collected information maybe connected to any other public information about you. Your information profile may be connected to social media platforms, public records or information from your employer.

The purpose of collection user data is as following:
     - To collect statistics about user interactions and improve our future projects
      - Create and maintain a sales dialogue
      - Contact you with information and updates
      - Advertise more efficiently using targetted campains
      - Personalization and preferences on the website

When you agree to the terms of service you agree to recieve updates as well as advertisements through your E-mail. All E-mails that do not contain critical information can be opted out of. All subscribtions to newsletters can be ended at any time.

Your personal information is only accessible to a select few employies with roles within marketing or sales. All our employes operate under strict confidentiality. If we wish to utilize your data for purposes other than those stated on this page, your privacy rights ensure that we must get special consent from you.

Contact Info:
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Bøgutua 12A
2335 Stange, Norway
Organisation number: 928171655