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Fraser Sport

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We represent the athletes of tomorrow, and we create and construct events of a high standard with a modern touch.

A football player being dribbeled
Gul FotballA football player kicking the ball

We know that high quality work gives a high quality result.

Whether it is player representation or event construction we use all our tools and resources to solve the task with efficiency and precision to ensure that the end product is of the highest achievable standard.

In Fraser Sport Management we take tremendous amounts of pride in our work.

We believe that quality isn't an act - it's a habit.

Our Team


A licensed Norwegian football agent, entrepreneur and the owner of Fraser Sport Management.

Gard E. Fraser

I believe that the impossible becomes possible when you work as a team. I strive to become the best in my business, in the same way athletes, coaches and sport directors aspire to become the best as well.

Why not build bridges and elevate together?

Tasks Gard does

Represent athletes

Contract negotiation

Financial planning

Project management

Contribute towards clients personal development

Dan provides extensive scouting reports on players, and often plays a pivotal role whilst the company conducts abroad transfers. He also brings experience to the company from his background as a professional footballer in England, Scotland, Iceland and Sweden. In addition, he has a bachelor (hons) in Sports Development.


Head of scouting, coach and former professional football player. Based in England.

Tasks Dan does

Finds players for the agency

Makes valuable contacts for future business endevours

On sight or digital game analysis

1-on-1 coaching for goalkeepers

1-on-1 coaching for outfield players

Thomas Stavenes

Scout and recruitment

Thomas conducts regional scouting operations in various regions in Norway. On top of that he plays a key role in the companies recruitment team, in regards to domestic player recruitment. Thomas combines passion and hard work with knowledge, which makes hima reliable producer of a high quality end product.

Oscar Børke Aamodt

Marketing strategist and accounting

Oscar markets the companies profile and brand in foreign markets, ultimately providing better opportunities for our players. Oscar also does work within company invoices and bookkeeping. Oscar holds specialist traits within networking, and has been vital in the process of marketing the companies brand, and establishing links to clubs in the USA.

Our Services

Player representation

Player representation includes a variety of elemens, such as:

Follow up on mental and physical health

Contract negotiation

Career consultancy

Help with accommodation

A 1-3-5 year plan upon request

Access to the agencies vast network across Europe

Event management

We tailor our own events, as well as co-hosting events with others. Our services within events are:

Event planning

Sponsor- and endorsement deals

Using successful blueprints for event coordinating


Access to key professionals to increase the events' beneficial areas; (Professional athletes, sport psychologists, nutritionists and other coaches)

Career planning and consultancy

We can provide consultancy services for athletes and coaches who are not represented clients also. This includes:

Short term career planning where the preparatory and transitional factors are taken into consideration

Long term career planning where goal-setting to maximize potential and participation

Contract negotiation

Help with accommodation

Performance analysis and highlight video creation

We want to be a helping hand for those looking to take their game to the next level, and to show the world their capabilities, we can offer:

Performance analysis and feedback from scout and former professional Dan Hatfield

One on one coaching by experienced coaches at a high level

Professional video editing services, and rendering to the highest possible quality (720p, 1080p, 4K) for the best highlight video.